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The exhibition project "Fumes & Perfumes" was launched by photographer and artist colleagues Monica Menez, Peter Franck, Frank Bayh & Steff Rosenberger-Ochs and Yves Noir in 2014. The shows feature not only the recent photo works of the initiators but also contemporary contributions of guest artists. In the meantime the exhibition series has become an established and well known contribution to the local art scene.

The architectural preconditions as well as the public, unrestricted accessibility are special challenges with regard to picture presentation and selection. The work on the rough walls of the park decks, from the ground floor up to the top Freideck, is shown in large format. Printed on traditional poster material, the photographs are developing a special charm in combination with the rough architecture and the uneven walls of the location, not a white cube, but at the junction to urban art and permanent provisional.

The presence of bars on the ground floor and on the upper free-deck of the car park, as well as the integration of other artists with performances, light installations and live music from the very beginning, make the opening an outstanding art event with up to 1000 visitors at the opening evening.

The exhibition will then last for a period of one year and will only be re-curated until the next edition of "Fumes and perfumes".

Due to the special circumstance of publicly accessible spaces, the exhibition also attracts the attention of countless car park visitors all year round.

The exhibition itself enjoys great popularity in the social media and generates interesting postings and individual views on the exhibition.

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